Design is a medium. Design is a conscience. Design is a voice. Or at least it should be. It should not be about how pretty stuff looks. It should not be unreasonably expensive. It should not be a luxury that the few enjoy and the majority doesn’t understand or even care about.


We design for the people. Because designing for the people is making them see how beautiful life can be. Or not. Designing for the people is making them aware. And to make them aware is to speak into their minds and, hopefully, into their souls. It is to make them believe that an advertisement, an article or a product is not necessarily a lie, it is not necessarily a hollow message.


As any other form of art, design should be open to the people. Whether they are creative professionals, willing and able to contribute to the evolution of things, or creatively thinking non-professionals who want to look at things from a different angle. Sereal designers were made to be a team open to creativity and ideas. We believe that collective thinking and creating is a way to improve the world we live in. Not only in appearance but also in context.


Design is our medium. Design is our conscience. Design is our voice.