How to Grow Exacum - Planting & Caring

By Sharon & Team   /   Shrubs Category   /   2023

Exacum, also known as Persian Violet or African Violet, is a genus of about 30 species of flowering plants in the family Gentianaceae. The genus is native to tropical Africa, Arabia, and India. The plants are small herbs with opposite leaves and 2-lipped, blue, violet, or white flowers.

How to Grow Exacum - Planting & Caring

Growing Easiness

Is it easy to grow Exacum plant? Although it’s a very beautiful plant, it’s not the easiest to grow. It requires quite a bit of care, and if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s probably not the best plant for you.

Plant Size

How big can it be? While the plant is small, it can still provide a big punch of color to any garden or household. The plant is only 15-30 cm tall and wide, but its leaves are a beautiful deep green. The flowers are small and white, but they bloom in great numbers and cover the plant.

Growth Rate

How fast is the growth? Because Exacum plants are small and slow-growing, they are best suited for use as houseplants or in small gardens. They are not well suited for large gardens or landscapes.

Exacum Basic Knowledge

Plant Form Shrub
Family Gentianaceae – Gentianaceae
Origin Sokotra (Yemen)

Lifespan, Perennial or Annuals

How long is the lifespan? The plant usually grows for 1 or 2 years, and is then replaced. This is due to the fact that the plant does not have a very long lifespan.

Ideal Temperature

What is the ideal temperature? So, during the summer it is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature and air the plant. In winter, the temperature for Exacum should be within 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit.


What about the humidity? Eventually, the plant will start to wilt if the humidity drops too low. The leaves will become dry and begin to fall off. Exacum plants are not drought tolerant and require increased humidity to maintain optimal health. There are a few ways to increase the humidity around your plant. One way is to put the plant on a pebble tray. This is a tray filled with rocks or pebbles and water. The water will evaporate and increase the humidity around the plant. Another way to increase the humidity is to spray the leaves with water a few times a day.

Light Requirement

What amount of light this plant needed? While it does best with bright, diffused light, it is necessary to make shade from direct sun.

Soil Composition

What is good soil for Exacum? Sometimes, the native soil of the Exacum plant is too dense for the plant to grow properly. In this case, sand or perlite should be added to the soil to make it more breathable. For a mixture of your own preparation, take: 1 part of the garden land, 1 part coarse-grained sand or perlite, peat, leaf land. The Exacum plant can also grow in peat. Always use a pot with an opening and drainage.

Watering Time

How much I must water Exacum? If you want your Exacum plant to flower, you will need to make sure the soil is constantly moist. However, you should be careful not to overwater it. Water it with warm water 2-3 times a week and it should be fine.

Fertilizing and Nutritient

About fertilizer. The best time to feed your Exacum is during the growing season every 10-15 days with a liquid fertilizer. This will help your plant to grow strong and produce beautiful flowers.


How to reproduce Exacum? Sometimes, people want to know if they can propagate this plant from seed. The answer is yes, it is possible to propagate Exacum from seed. The best time to sow the seeds is in early spring or late summer. Seeds should be planted in a mixture of moss and peat. To plant the seeds, sprinkle them on the surface and lightly press them into the mixture (do not cover the seeds with the mixture). Water the seeds from below by placing the pots in a vessel with water. Next, put the pots in a warm place and cover them with glass. When the seedlings reach a height of 5 cm, they can be transplanted. It is required to maintain the temperature 62,6-64,4 ° F to ensure successful propagation.


Why Exacum won't bloom? The plant normally blooms from late spring to late autumn. The flowers are white, lilac or lavender in color with a yellow eye. The fragrance of the flowers is very fine.

Transfer or Repotting

How much I must water Exacum? The reason you would want to transplant your Exacum is because it is grown as an annual. Usually, you would transplant in spring or after the plant has flowered. By doing this, you are giving your Exacum plant a chance to grow in a larger pot.

Caring The Exacum

How to care the plant? The best way to get Exacum to flower is by planting several plants in one pot. To make the flowers last longer, it is important to cut off the faded flowers. This will help new flowers to grow. If you keep the plant outdoors, it is best to do so in the summer. If, after flowering, the plant starts to wilt, it is best to get rid of it or cut it back severely and leave it for the winter. If flowers do not appear, the plant should be moved to a warmer place and the air around it should be more humid.

Pests & Challenges

What is the challenge when caring Exacum plant? Eventually, it will begin to fade and the flowers will fall off. This is due to the plant being dried out by the draft. Low humidity can also cause the leaves to fall off quickly. In addition, at low temperatures and wet soil, the roots and stems of the plant may begin to rot. Another problem that may arise is an infestation of aphids or thrips.

Toxic & Poisonous Type

Are Exacum poisonous? Common ly known as the Persian violet, the Exacum plant is a beautiful, yet toxic, houseplant. All parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested, and the plant can cause skin irritation. The Exacum plant is native to Africa and Asia, and is often found in homes and gardens.