How to Grow Sauromatum - Planting & Caring

By Sharon & Team   /   Herbaceous Category   /   2022

Sauromatum, also known as voodoo lily, is an exotic-looking plant that is actually quite easy to grow. The plant's large, starchy bulbs can be planted in spring or fall, and they will produce beautiful, fragrant blooms the following summer. Sauromatum is a great addition to any garden, and its unusual flowers are sure to attract attention.

How to Grow Sauromatum - Planting & Caring

Growing Easiness

Is it easy to grow Sauromatum plant? While it's easy to grow, it's important to give your plant the right amount of water and sunlight.

Plant Size

How big can it be? Common ly found in tropical regions, the Sauromatum plant can grow to be about 1-1.5 m tall. The plant has large, heart-shaped leaves and produces small, yellow flowers.

Growth Rate

How fast is the growth? When the plant is young, it is a small tuft of basal leaves. The plant is formed in 1 season. It flowers in the second season and dies back to the ground in the third season.

Sauromatum Basic Knowledge

Plant Form Herbaceous
Family Araceae
Origin East India, Nepal, Burma, Himalayas

Lifespan, Perennial or Annuals

How long is the lifespan? Eventually, the tuber of the Sauromatum plant will deplete its stored energy and the plant will die. This typically happens after around 3 to 5 years.

Ideal Temperature

What is the ideal temperature? The plant is thermophilic and prefers a hot climate. The optimum temperature for Sauromatum is + 75.2 ° C, the minimum is + 59 ° C.


What about the humidity? So, in the summer, it's a good idea to spray your plant at least twice a week to keep it healthy.

Light Requirement

What amount of light this plant needed? If you’re growing Sauromatum, you’ll need to give it bright light, but you should avoid giving it direct sunlight. The plant prefers scattered light and partial shade. If you give it too much sun, the leaves will start to fade.

Soil Composition

What is good soil for Sauromatum? Eventually, every gardener faces the need for soil for planting various crops. You can buy it in a store, but it is much better to prepare it yourself. For the soil of your own preparation, take: 1 part of sod land, 1/2 part of coarse-grained sand or perlite, 1 part of leaf land. Or – 1 part turf, 1 part humus, 1 part peat earth, 1/2 of sand (pH 5-7). Always use a pot with a hole. Sauromatum prefers a well-lit area, but can also grow in partial shade. Be sure to choose a place protected from the wind. The soil for planting should be loose, nutritious and well-drained.

Watering Time

How much I must water Sauromatum? The Sauromatum plant is a tropical plant that is native to Central and South America. It is a tuberous, herbaceous perennial that can grow up to six feet tall. The leaves are large and oval shaped with a waxy texture. The flowers are small and yellow with six petals. The plant prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

Fertilizing and Nutritient

About fertilizer. Unless you have very rich soil, sauromatum will need some help to get started. In spring and summer, feed every 2 weeks with a balanced organic fertilizer.


How to reproduce Sauromatum? While the plant is growing, small children are formed near the maternal tubers. The plant can be reproduced by separating these tubers.


Why Sauromatum won't bloom? So, the Sauromatum plant rarely blooms. The flowers are about 20 to 30 cm long. The flowers are a purple color on the outside and a yellow-green color on the inside with purple stains. The flowers have an unpleasant smell. With artificial pollination, the Sauromatum plant produces berries where the flowers were.

Transfer or Repotting

How much I must water Sauromatum? Since the late winter, the plant has been growing the tuber. The inflorescence appears even before the planting of the tuber, after which the tuber is placed in the soil.

Caring The Sauromatum

How to care the plant? So, in the summer, the Sauromatum plant can be taken out on the street or on the balcony. it has a period of rest. In October, the tubers are excavated for the winter and stored in a dry place at a temperature of 50°F. However, the intensity of the Sauromatum plant flowering depends on the size of tubers.

Pests & Challenges

What is the challenge when caring Sauromatum plant? Unless , of course, to know some secrets. For example, that it is very thermophilic and does not tolerate drafts. Most often it suffers from the rotting of the tuber in excess watering. It is affected by a spider mite. Leaves can bend from a lot of weight, so they are recommended to tie.

Toxic & Poisonous Type

Are Sauromatum poisonous? The reason that the Sauromatum plant is poisonous is because it contains calcium oxalate. When this substance comes in contact with human skin, it can cause irritation, redness, and swelling. If ingested, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing.